USB Art Exhibision

Some very ingenious ideas that turned USB connectors into Art work. Images form such an exhibition.

Very creative. If it were a real USB drive, it will have a key lock access protection.


Male and female USB connectors. Perfect ring for couple.



One day we might have syringes that will inject date into human body.


You won’t forget the your USB drive if you tie your necktie.


Tin Can telephone


Connectivity around our waist




USB Razor?


Door Handle. Probably you need the encrypted password inside the USB for the door to open


Plug and dial telephone




Plug in your USB drive and step on delete to format the drive. He he


Online Photo Retouch With MugTug Darkroom

MugTug Darkroom is an online browser based application to retouch your photos. Its a simple application that gives your the basic features to retouch your photos. You can either upload a photo from your local disk or specify a url to an image (for example from picasa or flickr). Once you have finished editing your photo it can be download it to your local disk or save it at MugTug.

This application is very handy for people who travelling and have no access to an photo editing software. The application is cross browser compatible and hence accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux or any other OS that support the popular web browsers.…

Name of Country and their 2-Character Alphabetical Country Codes as PHP Key-Value array

Name of Country and their 2-Character Alphabetical Country Codes as PHP Key-Value array

March 2, 2009 at 00:43 – Files Under Programming, Uncategorized


Its quiet a tedious job when it comes to developing a dropdown input field in which the user have to select a county, as part of their address, Nationality, etc. Think if you have several of this fields in your form. When you want to change you have to change each and every one. More over, if you have to select one option depending upon user input or some database value, your will either have to have ‘if’ statement in every ‘<option>’ tag or use javascript to select the option when the page loads. As I am a lazy guy, decided to have an array containing the names of the countries as values and the 2 digit alphabetic country codes as key. Now you can see how easily you can add change and manipulate these select field.…

Make the Stickman animation yourself, with Pivot

Make the Stickman animation yourself, with Pivot

December 1, 2009 at 19:46



Just today as I was browsing the BBC website, I came across the software application to build simple stickman animations. The freeware application called ‘Pivot’ is very easy and handy to use. Play around and you will realize it.…

Customize and Print Websites To Your Requirements With Print-What-You-Like

Have you ever had experience of print a website and getting a totally messy output? Most often what we need from a website is certain information but if we print it we get all the adds and menus printed out. Print What You Like is a solution for this. This is an online application that lets you customize what you want to print from a website. You can individual pick-out portions of the site and have it removed, resized, saved etc.


It also gives the option to remove background, images and borders in the site. It allows user to change the site font from a list of popular web fonts. The font size can be adjusted as well. If you have made a mistake don’t worry, it lets you undo and redo. Mouse over the website image and it automatically houselights the border of the component the mouse is over. Clicking highlights the entire html element under the mouse and brings up a popup menu from which we can choose a couple of options like Isolate, Resize, Remove, Widen, Save Clip and Select More.…

The Day The Earth Will Reset Itself

The movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ was an inspiring movie for me. The movie looks like a science fiction movie but with less graphics and no horrifying align characters. For some the movie is not so mush impressive because of the lack of advanced CG. But I think the makes of the movie have concentrated in conveying the message to the audience.

The message is crystal clear. “Destroy and be destroyed or save and be saved”. Its time for us to slow down the destruction of earth and eventually reverse it. Lets not be remembered as a species or race that had destroyed an entire planet and all of its rich bio diverse species. We humans are only intelligent enough to develope a parasite-host relation with earth. Lets develop a symbiotic relation with our mother planet. The first step to this process is to control the human population and bring it down to a billion or below.


The earth is approximately 6 times more populated than it was initially designed for. Its resources have been depleting at an alarming rate as a result of over consumption. Lets be responsible. Lets look at earth as a living being which needs out respect so as to sustain all the life forms on it. Remember that we are just sharing it with the trillions of life forms on this planet. Lets look upon other species with care and concern. There is nothing much that we have to do to protect them, but only one thing that me must not do, destroy them. The mother earth is capable of protecting and sustain its children.

We see ourselves as specially privileged to kill and destroy. We consider ourselves the supreme creation of god and the earth the territory granted to us for exercising our greed. Religion is what obstructs our spiritual development. It detaches us from the reality and prevents us from realizing truth.

The reason why we ignore to acknowledge the destruction of earth and take its responsibility is our feeling of safety. We feel that earth will take it all. Its human nature not to change until the last moment. But it could be too late to change at the time we are threatened by destruction. Its time for us to evolve into a wise species. Lets not be suicidal just by ignoring or pretending not to see the warnings.

Let each of us take small steps that we can make to save the earth or at least post pond the day and time for the reset of the planet. Avoid asking for bags when shopping if not necessary. Reuse plastic bottles by refilling them rather than buying it every day. If you can drink without straw, don’t take it. If you receive something for free that you don’t need, don’t take it. Lets do the simple things that we can do to save the earth and the human species which is engaged in self destruction.

Please give your comments and suggestions on how to save earth. Lets share our views.…

Label Inside Textbox That Disappears On Focus, With Javascript

You might have come across many websites that have fields that display the label of the filed within the filed. The most common among this is the search box. Many websites also uses this technique with the registration forms and other forms. When user selects a field to enter text, the label disappears. The advantage of this technique is that it conserve space and also make the website design cleaner.

There are many techniques that can be used to achieve this. Here I will take you through one way of doing it. I will demonstrate two types of fields that use this technique. One is a regular textbox and the other is a password textbox that switches between regular display characters when displaying label and masked characters when entering password. This simulates a login form where the username and password fields are prefilled with their associated labels and the labels disappear once the user click the field to enter text. The password field changes display to the expected password character masking mode.

There are two javascript functions that are used to get the job done. One function (HideLabel) hides the label when the textbox get the focus, either when the user clicks the textbox to enter text or by any other means. The second function (ShowLabel) show the label of the field (relabel) if the user leave the textbox empty and move on.

function HideLabel(txtField){ if(’username’){ if(txtField.value==’Username’) txtField.value = ”; else; }else if(’password’){ if(txtField.value==’Password’){ txtField.value = ”; txtField.type = ‘password’; } else{ txtField.type = ‘password’;; } }}function ShowLabel(txtField){ if(’username’){ if(txtField.value.trim()==”) txtField.value = ‘Username’; }else if(’password’){ if(txtField.value.trim()==”){ txtField.value = ‘Password’; txtField.type = ‘text’; } }}

Now finally we need to call the appropriate functions at appropriate time. We will call the ‘HideLabel’ function when the filed receive focus and call the ‘ShowLabel’ when the filed loose the focus.…

Flash Actionscript 3.0 – Retrieve Directory URL Of The SWF File

Usually when you want to load a resource like an xml or picture file from an SWF file you either specify the relative path or the absolute path to the resource. The relative path is the path that the resource is in relation to the SWF file (eg: ‘/images/picture.jpg’). The absolute path is the URL to the file (eg: ‘’). The relative path is often very convenient that when all the resources are placed in the same directory or in sub directories as the SWF file, then moving the whole thing don’t require us to edit any path to the resources.

When embedding the SWF file in a theme or file that is loaded by other scripts, the directory of the SWF file is overridden by the directory in the main script is in. That is, if you specify a relative path to a resource from within the SWF file, it’s going to check for the resource from the directory where the main script is running and not from the directory in which the SWF is in. I first encountered this problem when I was developing a flash application for a WordPress theme that loads the configuration information from an XML file. All the files were places in the theme directory which were loaded by the main script.

The solution is pretty simple once you know it.

// * Get the URL of the file that loads the SWF file * //var SWF_URL:String = root.loaderInfo.url;// * Remove the name of the file that loads the SWF file thus giving the URL to the folder * //var SWF_Folder:String = SWF_URL.substr(0,SWF_URL.lastIndexOf(“/”));// * Append the Folder Url to the relative path of the file to be loaded * //ImageLoader.load(new URLRequest(SWF_Folder +”/Images/TheImageTobeLoaded.jpg “));…

Download Gradient Desktop-Wallpaper With Bokeh Effect

In Japanese language ‘bokeh’ means blur. In photography it stands for the blur circles that are formed generally in the background of a picture. This happens due to the sharp focusing and the wide aperture of the lens. When I learned to make bokeh effect in Photoshop, I decided to make a wallpaper with this beautiful effect. As I am not an artist or graphic designer the out some many not be outstanding. If you are interested in downloading this desktop wallpapers you can download from the links below. The wallpapers come in two sizes, choose the one which is appropriate for you.…