Name of Country and their 2-Character Alphabetical Country Codes as PHP Key-Value array

March 2, 2009 at 00:43 – Files Under Programming, Uncategorized


Its quiet a tedious job when it comes to developing a dropdown input field in which the user have to select a county, as part of their address, Nationality, etc. Think if you have several of this fields in your form. When you want to change you have to change each and every one. More over, if you have to select one option depending upon user input or some database value, your will either have to have ‘if’ statement in every ‘<option>’ tag or use javascript to select the option when the page loads. As I am a lazy guy, decided to have an array containing the names of the countries as values and the 2 digit alphabetic country codes as key. Now you can see how easily you can add change and manipulate these select field.