May my thoughts and ideas rest in peace.

Our believes are blocking our sight and our faith had anchored our mind. Reconsider our believes and reconstruct our faith. – 2010

Theory of Evolution does not question the existence of God but it does question our understanding of God.

Terrorism is not our real problem. The problem is the fact that human beliefs can be distorted to any extend. This distorted believes can be our motivation to perform any atrocious act. All of us are subjected to this distortion to different degrees and that is what constitute our believes. Vengance and revenge is again a product of this distortion. I wish humanity awakens to the truth.

Universe is like a river and life like taking a dip in it. Taking a dip in the river is relaxing and refreshing. But what happens if you get carried away in it? Don’t let our life be carried away in the delusion that is ment to keep us asleep.

Socrates was poisoned for corrupting the youth, Jesus crucified for misleading the Jewish people. Those who advocated change for the betterment of the society are met with resistance and prosecution. What we discredit today will be welcomed and credited by our children. So why the futile resistance to accept the TRUTH? [Sep 2013]

I am afraid to grab onto any ideas. They only exist to be proved wrong later-on. An idea is just a step on an endless staircase. Moving forward with firm steps can take us to new heights. The worst thing is to cling onto one and never move on. Now this is an idea and I need to move on. [20-09-2014]

Ideas contantly evolve. An idea that we harbour today may make no sense 5 or 10 years from now. But we hang on to it as if nothing but it is the truth or the only possiblity. All I ask for is to question the ideas the we entertain ourselves with. Constant questioning and search for answers is necessary to prevent us from getting bogged down in any idea.  Today the enthusiasm that drives man to embrace new ideas is greed. [21-Sep-2015]

Why do I exist if it’s not to find the cause of my own existence? [21-Sep-2016]

We want people who understand and respect human values not those who promote violance;
We want those who empower the public not the ones who serve the corporate interest;
We want the ones who are good at heart and stand up to defend the truth not the ones who want to steal the nations wealth;
We want the ones who are willing to serve not the ones wanting to be served;
to be at the helm of the nation. [Nov-15-2017]

Each person is a question and our life is the answer. Identify the question that we  are and yearn for the answer that we want. [24-Nov-2018]

The net result of learning without unlearning is bias. [2-Dec-2019]

As a human, I feel like I am getting smaller and smaller every day within the cosmic arena; not because the world around me is getting bigger but rather my ignorance is uncovered a little further. [19-Dec-2019

A man armed with virtues is mightier than a man armed with weapons, for weapons destroy matter whereas virtues transforms mind. [23-Dec-2019]

We doubt the existence of life anywhere else in the Universe and beyond because we do not understand the purpose of life. [1-Feb-2019]

Ignorance of man is an insult to God [29-Mar-2020]

Our faith is a fortress. But we should see if this fortress is keeping us safe or holding us captive. [7-June-2020]

“The creator loves intelligences but a dictator loves dummies.”
Now ask yourself which category your religion teaches your God to belong to? Does your God demand blind faith or does he give you the freedom to seek truth at your own pace by acquiring knowledge that isn’t one sided, thinking without fear and conclude without guilt?