The movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ was an inspiring movie for me. The movie looks like a science fiction movie but with less graphics and no horrifying align characters. For some the movie is not so mush impressive because of the lack of advanced CG. But I think the makes of the movie have concentrated in conveying the message to the audience.

The message is crystal clear. “Destroy and be destroyed or save and be saved”. Its time for us to slow down the destruction of earth and eventually reverse it. Lets not be remembered as a species or race that had destroyed an entire planet and all of its rich bio diverse species. We humans are only intelligent enough to develope a parasite-host relation with earth. Lets develop a symbiotic relation with our mother planet. The first step to this process is to control the human population and bring it down to a billion or below.


The earth is approximately 6 times more populated than it was initially designed for. Its resources have been depleting at an alarming rate as a result of over consumption. Lets be responsible. Lets look at earth as a living being which needs out respect so as to sustain all the life forms on it. Remember that we are just sharing it with the trillions of life forms on this planet. Lets look upon other species with care and concern. There is nothing much that we have to do to protect them, but only one thing that me must not do, destroy them. The mother earth is capable of protecting and sustain its children.

We see ourselves as specially privileged to kill and destroy. We consider ourselves the supreme creation of god and the earth the territory granted to us for exercising our greed. Religion is what obstructs our spiritual development. It detaches us from the reality and prevents us from realizing truth.

The reason why we ignore to acknowledge the destruction of earth and take its responsibility is our feeling of safety. We feel that earth will take it all. Its human nature not to change until the last moment. But it could be too late to change at the time we are threatened by destruction. Its time for us to evolve into a wise species. Lets not be suicidal just by ignoring or pretending not to see the warnings.

Let each of us take small steps that we can make to save the earth or at least post pond the day and time for the reset of the planet. Avoid asking for bags when shopping if not necessary. Reuse plastic bottles by refilling them rather than buying it every day. If you can drink without straw, don’t take it. If you receive something for free that you don’t need, don’t take it. Lets do the simple things that we can do to save the earth and the human species which is engaged in self destruction.

Please give your comments and suggestions on how to save earth. Lets share our views.